Born to Be Wild


Photo: cosmicsoulmedicine



You are born to be wild, not to be tamed or claimed.

You are not to be chained, restricted or shamed.

You are born to explore the extents of this universe.

You are to be free to live your life. It is not a curse.

Laugh hard at yourself in times of doubt.

Fall in love, scream out load.

You are born to burn like a flame, go off and burn anew.

You are to immerse in the energy of this wild life you drew.

You are born to ponder in calm and fight in fiery.

You are not to be worked out, fragmented and weary.

You are a daughter, a sister and a mom to those who seek you.

You are to jump fences and break all the barriers that confine you.

You are an illusive leopard, growling in anger, purring in content.

You are an intuitive wolf, of strength and affection. A wild descent.

You are an evocative metaphor of a solid tree in a thunderous forest.

Shedding dwindling leaves of old notions. Branching out glorious and modest.

You are a graceful swan, gliding through water, in balance and beauty.

You’re a lotus flower blossoming in murky ponds, multi layers of purity.

A dazzling star, over the mountain cones it shines.

As the evening cradles the wild earth and its mines.

You are born in the wild to be wild.

BE. SEE. DO. My child.



Love & Live,