Ghalia’s Reflective Essay: Note to Future Self

“Passion for your work is a little bit of discovery, followed by a lot of development, and then a lifetime of deepening.” – Angela Duckworth The first seven years of owning a business and a product line were merely the discovery phase for me. A lot of trial and error, failures, tears, sleepless nights and aContinue reading “Ghalia’s Reflective Essay: Note to Future Self”


It was the first week of the corona pandemic and every one started to frantically call their families and loved ones to check if they are safe. On a call with my brother, I asked him to send me a picture of his new born baby. When I received the picture, I cried. And itContinue reading “COVID19 OPENS MY EYES AND TRANSFORMS MY BUSINESS MODEL”

Winning Was Never The Point. Failing Was.

Dragons Den: The day we pitch our businesses to the jurors at MACE. As I remain calm and collected, I write down the key notes on my phone on the way to Kingston University. Fortunately, we were asked to submit a thorough business report the day before. So I already had most of the informationContinue reading “Winning Was Never The Point. Failing Was.”