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From the shores of the deep red sea, a long way I have come.

To the luscious green hills of an island called Britain to hear the seagulls hum.

Autumn leaves falling off trees.

Lavender and honey bees.

And piercing questions of who are you?

Where do you come from? And what do you do?

With gleaming eyes and flashing teeth, I smile and reply.

A long illustrated answer I supply.

I’m not from the east or the west.

I’m not defined by geography or what I do best.

My name is yet to be carved on polished walls.

My word is a sword in my fist never to rust never to fall.

My head bows to no one but God and before none shall I kneel.

My fingers are my instrument to write, create and feel.

I am a woman and that is my identity.

So please forgive my disobedient tongue.

For I have been stung.

Over and over.

But as long as the blood pumps through veins.

And the heart sends signals to the brain.

You will watch me as I sway my hips.

Gaze stretched beyond the stars.

As I send flying kisses from my sweet cherry lips.

All the way to Jupiter and Mars.

Only to descend as raindrops to this earth.

And shower you clean from what you have seen.

Patriarchy, misogyny, worldly systems so obscene.

No! I’m not a princess I am a queen.

I am the summer’s moon and the winter’s sun.

Cleopatra of the Nile and Helen of Troy.

The Kurdish soldiers “girls of the sun”.

Women warriors fighting to destroy.

ISIS the evil savages who made the world so chaotic.

No! I am not a narcissist but a flower so narcotic.

Named by Socrates “Chaplet of the infernal Gods”.

Seeded and needed to heal your wounds against all odds.

No! I am not complicated. I am complex.

I fold and I flex. Tip-toe around your stress.

And use rational and emotional means to assess.

I filter and compress before I address.

So think of me no less.

I am a woman… and this world is a mess.

And I am here to disturb your calmness.

And calm you down when you are disturbed.

I am here to light up a spark in your darkness.

Because I’ve paced the centuries and observed.

That the only thing us women are incapable of.

Is getting rid of love.

And with that, I pledge allegiance to both women and men.

Yes! Man. You are not an enemy.

So let’s blend our differences and mend.

Let’s build together hand in hand gracefully.

And find answers to all the how’s where’s and why’s

Let’s find the path that fits us both in this maze called life.

Let’s rise up by lifting each other to the highest highs.

It is not a battlefield. It’s just a thing called life.

So suck it up and suck it all in!

One thought on “I AM A WOMAN

  1. When I read a piece I eagerly search for what moves me, yearning for what tickles my twisted mind, searching for what lingers in my heart & what shackles my untamed soul.
    But rarely do I find a piece that does all those three things all together.

    “And I am here to disturb your calmness.
    And calm you down when you are disturbed.”
    Those lines alone put me in a state of ambivalence;
    As much I loved it, I hated it.
    Sensually provocative & beautifully profound yet esoterically alarming.

    “No! I am not a narcissist but a flower so narcotic.”
    That line signaled out a sound effect too fast to conjure up a thought!

    “Named by Socrates “Chaplet of the infernal Gods”.”
    A line that had layers & when I unwrapped one I saw Daffodils!
    As the saying goes “The more I learn the more I feel ignorant”

    “My fingers are my instrument to write, create and feel.”

    Well done Ghalia
    Take a bow

    Liked by 1 person

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