On Death



Take me like the water running through the pebbles of a river.

Like the sun setting in warm ocean water, slowly it fades.

Like a pink petal falling off a rose and a leaf off a dusty miller.

Take me when the night folds. Swiftly changing purple blue shades.

Let there be no walls around me. Let me be a free spirit roaming in the wild.

Take me with my sister’s palm beneath my head, whispering of love and forgiveness. The language of the soul.

Let me be surrounded by the giggles of a happy child.

Let me take my last stroll.

Take me as I stare you in the eye and smile.

Like a warrior seizing victory, or even like a gypsy in a caravan.

Let me say good-bye to all the places before I leave this aisle.

Let me carve in rocks, the unspoken truth about man in land.

Take me to the goodness and beauty of the unknown.

Let me no longer sulk. Let me be free.

Like the fluttered feather, by the wind blown.

Like the flowing moon-set tides of the sea.

Take me an emollient death.

Let me surrender sweetly as I take my last breath.

Let there be no pain or stealth.

Let them hold my hand as I part this world in good health.

Let me leave behind me a legendary tale.

Let me harness the seed I sowed of love and hope.

Let me leave in strength and not in frail.

Let them remember me with love and for love and cope.

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