Do Something About it

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Your fate is controlled at the time of your birth by the place you were born in, the career path you take when you grow older and a tiny little notebook that is meant to identify you on this globe…
Nationality, religion, reputation, family name, political choices and strategy take over and we tend to forget that we are all humans made of the same formula with just enough goodness in us to live cohesively in a peaceful environment and share values that make us live happily ever after…
We are either too focused on where we want to be in 10 years or too caught up in administrating our automated lives…
Application forms, bills to pay, rules to follow, alarm clocks, procedures, job hunting, flat hunting, travel visas, hiring and firing, bank statements, vehicle license, corporate license, certificates, degrees, memberships, political votes, campaigns, women’s rights, human rights, gender rights, animal rights and the list goes on…
When do we live? When are we meant to enjoy each others company, truly feel each others needs and explore happiness at its fullest potential?!
Why can’t we help the world because we are so in touch with our humanity and care so much for the wellness of each other, rather than doing so because we need to fight against the current of a chaotic systematized civilization where every ideology is labeled, judged and sometimes butchered?!
I’m not vouching for a hippie lifestyle (not that I don’t love hippies), or abandoning the civilized world and living in a tent but merely wondering why life has become so complicated. Perhaps this also stems from personal frustration…
I’m a Saudi woman born in the UK and a few years ago decided to obtain my UK nationality and reside in London. My one obstacle that has also been the topic of conversation with everyone I meet in London, is attempting to make amendments on an error on my Saudi passport (yes that little piece of notebook got the best of me).
This process has taken two years of endless struggle and I can tell you it’s not just because life is so systematized, but the system is just inadequate. If I’m going to be blunt here; it is also because I’m a woman (an illegal minor in Saudi). The time and effort to find representation and in cases persuade the representation to help sucks the living life out of you!
So… Venting aside, I’d like to believe that mentioning this and disclosing this information will inspire people to persevere whilst actually remembering to live… I’m also hoping that some sane people involved in the system would have some compassion towards the insane status quo and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!
For the sake of humanity…
Love & Live,
*Also featured on sister-hood magazine

2 thoughts on “Do Something About it

  1. I am so happy to find a person voice their opinion and critiques to the slaved system that we live in. A system that pushes us to keep running and never fully enjoy life. I hope that everything works out for you sooner than you imagine, and know that you are not alone. One person can never feel exactly what the other went through and the struggles or obstacles they faced but know that we share your thoughts, your pain, and maybe even worst scenarios. Thank you for sharing your struggles with the world. Never stop writing or updating your blog. We need more people like you.

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